Jan Ivan Oden
Senior Pastor

Jan Ivan and Cindy Oden are the Founding and Senior Pastors of Family Life Church. Pastor Jan had a dream to serve and minister to his hometown. He has dedicated his life to serving the people of Southwest Oklahoma in many capacities. Pastor Jan has a gifted ability, and has fun, teaching on leadership and family values. His call and gifting are to be a faithful man helping others to discover, develop and deploy their God-given gifts so they will become all that God wants them to be. In his spare time, Pastor Jan enjoys spending time with his family and at home on his ranch.
Cindy Oden
Senior Pastor

Cindy has a strong calling and ability to minister effectively and uniquely to people with her humor and quick wit, which brings fresh hope and joy. She speaks at women’s conferences and is an incredible worship leader. She loves serving and leading the church alongside her husband. Pastors Jan and Cindy have been married for 40 years. They have two children and three grandchildren. Her grandkids call her “CC” and she loves spending time with them. Pastor Cindy also enjoys tending her prayer garden.
Blake Pewo
Worship/ Music Pastor
Elizabeth (Liz) Taylor
Lead Pastor’s Administrative Assistant 
Joseph Taylor
Elder/Board Member
Tito Vargas
Elder/Board Member
Troy Grubaugh
Elder/Board Member
Pastor Jan & Cindy
Elder Troy Grubaugh and his wife Dalonne
Elder Joe Taylor and his wife Liz Taylor (Church Admin. Assistant/Secretary)
Elder Tito Vargas and his wife Margie (not pictured)
Elder Joe Taylor, Pastor Jan Oden, Elder Tito Vargas, Elder Troy Grubaugh